Keeping it as simple as it looks, not based on any aesthetic or core shit (for now)

Descripción de la imagen

Deep through the masive ocean of information you are navigating, smh you found this website called... IKWYA? it looks, fancy? i guess. Fuck unique & original websites, they are past thing, i made one exactly like many others you can find ;)

got bored? keep scrolling, things below are getting even more boring (i hope it does not)

and, if you follow me now, i will upload more things

"the gates of heaven have been opened, but im banned up there"

Several tries to get attention all along my life in the internet have brought you to this little place with huge ambitions of fame, but, why? why dont to use all this time and effort on productive things like drawing or something else? Idk, programing is cool.

Ephemerate things like this text should be apreciated too, what would be its purpose then?

Time flies, and ours too, this website has gone through several changes and remodelations since i started it, i rebooted it at least 5 times until i get the perfect site, hopefuly, i saved the last version so you can enjoy it like the old times (less than a month)check it out!

Based on many websites, i wanted this to be a great collage of themes and digital desings i like, based on cool websites like Newgrounds, Thrasher Magazine and Adult Swim, all at once, mixed in a blender and left in a little space like this. But this is not an streaming service or something similar, just a hobby to use my free time.

Enormous and umpredictable like the sea, deep and labyrinthine like a rabbit hole, you shouldnt step on strange areas of the digital maze, who knows, you could run into a horrible fate

Simple and minimalist web desing, sightly, and easy to read, overloaded websites with lots of shit that no one understands give me headaches, so i tried to make mine original but simplist, like a big corp website, but im just a bored guy trying to do a cool site

The Internet in itself, in addition to being a useful tool, is an encyclopedia, an encyclopedia that delves into the minds of those who dare to express their ideas in it, the concepts of the Internet are strange, but still intriguing and unique like only they could be. (c) 2022-forever

update log

  • 01/10/24 Rebooted the about section
  • 12/09/23 I created and included a spotify playlist
  • 11/23/23 Rebooted the whole index
  • 11/20/23 Rebooted the whole links and gallery section
  • Not enought balls to show my real face, lets just say im this guy.

    (we both are kinda similar)

    causing nightmares since 2022 / bla$phemous cult 4evr / )NSS cr3w on sight!