this website initiated as a joke, just to troll my friends, it was a html archive that shows your ip adress and acceed to your webcam. Since i started desinging this "joke", i wanted to make it a real website, and i remembered about neocities, so one day i uploaded that first version of my site, it was very simple, just an smiling face, the webcam and the ip adress of the user, i called the website "ikwya", that means "i know where you are", in reference to the ash vlogs ARG "ikwsi" wich i liked so much, but i was embarrassed that people asked me why it was called like that, so i told them thait i smashed my keyboard and IKWYA came out.

there are hundreds of neocities websites and somehow you found this one, i aprecciate that you are reading this, this page may not be remembered in the future, but at least, ill keep the good memories of this. This project would not be possible without all the effort ive been putting on this website.

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