this website seems to be everytime bigger and bigger, of course it does. im using the hole f*cking gigabyte neocities gives for our websites.

And yes, im going to use it, ikwya is not a consistant website, it doesn't have a purpose to exist, its just a shelter of my descent into madness

just enjoy the view! this is the cool looking part of my site

this website seems to have no end, does it?







Fran furry

fran sos furry?

Pregnant Mom

i found this old twitch clip of a friend and uploaded it. Funniest shit ive ever seen


a prisa le sale el 7 en la ruleta

prisa en cualquiera

prisa starts posing (actually epic)


licha se pega un jale:vv


tatuando a luca

remix rkt

gorreado gorreado